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Handmade Beauty - Recipes,Buying & Selling!
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October 2008
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Sidhe Creations [userpic]

I have just listed the first four Faerie Dust mineral eye shadows!! YAY!!

There is a TON more to come :)

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Sidhe Creations [userpic]

Hey all!!

Still trying to get the word out about my Etsy store!!

At the moment it is fully stocked with my perfume and ritual oils. And I have set aside parts of the store for my jewellery, mineral eyeshadows/shimmer powders and OOAK artworks (all these coming soon!)

And one thing Im most excited about is my CUSTOM BLEND perfume listing where you get to pick the notes you want and I will blend them together and make your dream perfume for you!

I hope you will take a look.. :)


Thanks xox

Sidhe Creations [userpic]

You can either click the image above or click HERE!!

I've just added 12 Astrological oils to the perfume oils section of my store :)

Sidhe Creations [userpic]

New blends in the perfume oils and soy wax tarts sections!!!

Sidhe Creations [userpic]

Im proud to announce the opening of my new hobby/business :) Its only small at the moment but I have BIG plans for it!! Currently up for sale are soy wax tarts and perfume oils.. Coming soon will be more tarts and perfume oils, soaps, all natural balms and perfumes, scrubs, salts and jewelry, just to name a few :)

Feel free to add me to your friends list so you dont miss out on any updates!!


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