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October 2008
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Sidhe Creations [userpic]

Hey all!!

Still trying to get the word out about my Etsy store!!

At the moment it is fully stocked with my perfume and ritual oils. And I have set aside parts of the store for my jewellery, mineral eyeshadows/shimmer powders and OOAK artworks (all these coming soon!)

And one thing Im most excited about is my CUSTOM BLEND perfume listing where you get to pick the notes you want and I will blend them together and make your dream perfume for you!

I hope you will take a look.. :)


Thanks xox


You temptress you! I think I am going to have to do that custom one...might take me a wee while to come up with something though. Me and decisions = bad idea :P

And where the HECK have you been Missy?!!?!?!!?!!!! :)

Do you think I set out that custom scent listing ok?? I tried to think of everything I should include but Im sure I fucked up and forgot something :P

lol...I've been around...sorta :) Lots going on, not all good, but coming mostly good. Heh, looks like we both had a bit of time out...hope you goin' good!

The custom listing looks dandy! Yours is the first custom list I've looked at, but I couldn't see anything missed :D Soooooo many to choose from!

Eys shadows

The eye shadows sound cool, are you selling them to for others to stock? We may be looking to stock different products on our website Moonstone Soap (http://www.moonstonesoap.co.uk) of your interested please let us know.

All the best.

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